We manage investments globally using rigorous quantitative research


Bluesky Capital is a global quantitative alternative investment manager. Our mission is helping high-net worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors achieve their investment objectives by deploying capital in public financial products on all major markets across the globe. We invest our clients' capital in multiple quantitative investment strategies, including a fully systematic quantitative global macro investment program covering all asset classes, such as Equity, Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities, and Volatility. We believe that our main competitive advantage and unique value proposition resides in our proprietary quantitative research aimed at discovering alpha and substantial investment in technology.

Disclaimer: these investment products involve substantial risks of loss.

Company Mission


Our main objective is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors within a robust risk management framework through the application of the scientific method to the field of investment management. In the pursuit of our mission we strive to attract, train, and retain the best human talent from the fields of science and technology. We work hard to constantly improve our company, processes, and technology with the final objective of offering competitive and innovative products within a solid investment and operational infrastructure.

Disclaimer: these investment products involve substantial risks of loss.

Competitive Advantage

We work hard to be among the best quantitative alternative investment managers. In order to do this, we focus our efforts on four core components.

Quantitative Research

Our quantitative research team, holding advanced degrees in the fields of science and engineering, analyzes vast amounts of historical data with the objective of gaining insights in financial markets and uncover profitable investment opportunities, with the support of sophisticated statistical tools.


Technology is a critical component for our business. First of all it supports the work of our quantitative researcher who use advanced statistical tools and algorithms. Second, it enables the execution of our automated investment strategies. We make substantial investments to constantly improve our technology with the objective of having a robust infrastructure capable of handling and managing large investment portfolios.

Risk Management

Preserving capital for our clients is a primary principle in our organization. In the pursuit of our objective, we use a sophisticated risk management framework which monitors various types of risks related to our investments. We have both automated and manual procedures in place to manage risk and promptly intervene when needed.


Financial markets are always changing and profit opportunities may disappear at any time. For this reason, our investment team constantly searches for new sources of alpha using a variety of quantitative tools and datasets. Through continous innovation we aim to provide a diversified portfolio of investment products with differences sources of alpha.

Disclaimer: these investment products involve substantial risks of loss.


Our mission is to be a partner of both individual and institutional investors who need help in order to manage their capital. We understand that each of our clients has a unique set of requirements that needs to be satisfied. For this reason, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific investment goals and see if one of our investment products can provide a solution.

High Net Worth Individuals

High Net-Worth Individuals

We can work with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, angel investors, private wealth managers, and other high-net worth individuals who need to outsource the investment management process. When managing investments on behalf of HNWI investors, we work closely with them to understand their investment goals, current financial situation, and see if one of our product can be a good fit for them.

Family Offices

Family Offices

We can work with family offices who are looking for portfolio diversification through an allocation to uncorrelated strategies in the alternative investment space. In particular, our team has a discussion to understand exposures to traditional and alternative investments in their current portfolio in terms of risk and performance. Thereafter, we see if we can improve their efficient frontier through an allocation to one of our investment products.



Potential institutional investors who can work with us include public and private pension funds, corporations, asset and private wealth managers, endowments, foundations and not-for-profit organizations, insurance companies, investment trusts, government agencies, sovereign wealth funds, private and central banks, RIA's, and funds of funds. Our objective is to understand their unique needs and objectives in terms of target risk and returns, and see if one of our investment product can help them match their needs. We always try to improve our operations, technology, and procedures to meet the requirements of institutional investors.