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Gaining an edge – Human + machine

By A Paris – Alternative data and data science techniques can help give hedge funds a competitive edge but, it is the symbiotic integration of human and machine which ultimately underpins managers’ success or failure in their use of these techniques. “We believe we understand these manager datasets better than anybody else and because of this we’re […]

Angele Paris

Corona Fighters – Report 2: Asset managers who delivered during the meltdown

B. G., Opalesque Geneva: In the midst of the current market turmoil, this is the second of our regular reports on hedge fund managers who bucked the trend. Contrarian and uncorrelated R. G. Niederhoffer Capital Management’s flagship fund, the Diversified Program, returned +0.4% March and +25% YTD. It is a systematic, short-term trading strategy launched […]

Opalesque Geneva

The birth of an asset class

By A Paris – Some say you should never resist the unfamiliar, but until recently, the institutional investor market has staunchly resisted considering cryptocurrencies and digital assets to be an asset class of their own. But as large institutions like insurer Mass Mutual investing in Bitcoin and asset management behemoth, BlackRock filed for two of its funds […]

Angele Paris

Oiling the wheels for long-lasting change

By A Paris – 2020 may have been a rude introduction to the world of remote working, but the months of travel restrictions and the shift to virtual working have proved to the fund management industry that alternatives to traditional full-time office set-ups can indeed work. Technology oiled the wheels for changing the way organisations operate and […]

Angele Paris

‘Bad things could happen’: Turning to tech to tame the crypto jungle

“One sec. $10270.” Two minutes later: “Sorry guys, that was an old order from Friday when skype wasn’t working.” “I really think we should get off skype. Bad things could happen. Someone is going to make an expensive mistake.” ***** A messaging exchange over a potential $1 million deal, between a European asset manager looking […]

Tom Wilson

Making sense of chaos? Algos scour social media for clues to crypto moves

LONDON (Reuters) – After months of relative calm in cryptocurrency markets, bitcoin exploded back into life in April with its sharpest price jump in over a year – but few people could convincingly explain why. The 20% leap focused investors’ attention on one of the enduring mysteries of cryptocurrencies: what moves the price of an […]

Tom Wilson

Inflation-hedge, risk-on bet: What’s behind bitcoin’s 2020 rally?

LONDON (Reuters) – Is it an inflation hedge? A currency? Or just another niche asset to take a punt on? Bitcoin is in the headlines, re-kindling a debate over its true role and the drivers behind its latest scintillating rally. Bitcoin, with a history of vertiginous ascents and steep drops, is close to taking out […]

Tom Wilson

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