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Crypto Index Fund: Why You Should Not Invest in It

During the past 2 years many crypto index funds emerged as a result of the increased interest in the crypto market. These products offer to their investors a basket of cryptocurrencies under the promise of higher risk-adjusted returns due to portfolio diversification. In this research article we show how this is actually far from the […]


Portfolio Diversification: How to Potentially Gain Better Returns per Unit of Risk

This research article analyzes the impact of portfolio diversification when applied to a portfolio of stocks and bonds. In particular, it shows that by spreading the investment on uncorrelated asset classes an investor may achieve a higher return per unit of risk taken (Sharpe ratio). The article is structured as follows. The first section introduces […]


Crypto Market Cap Evolution and Comparison to Traditional Asset Classes

Executive Summary This article analyzes the cryptocurrency market capitalization for the top 20 cryptocurrencies. In particular, it shows the composition of market cap by cryptocurrency, how it evolved over time, and how it compares to traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds. The research finds the following: Growth in crypto market cap: cryptocurrencies have experienced […]


Machine Learning in Finance: Why You Should Not Use LSTM’s to Predict the Stock Market

Executive Summary Recently there has been much development and interest in machine learning, with the most promising results in speech and image recognition. This research paper analyzes the performance of a deep learning method, long short-term memory neural networks (LSTM’s), applied to the US stock market as represented by the S&P 500. The paper shows […]

Machine Learning

Analysis of a Systematic Global Macro Investment Strategy

Executive Summary This research article analyzes the performance of a systematic global macro investment strategy investing in multiple in publicly traded securities across the world. The strategy invests in all asset classes, including Equity, Fixed Income, Commodity, Currencies, and Volatility. The strategy performance is compared to a traditional equity portfolio, represented by the S&P 500, […]


Analysis of a Systematic Long-Short Crypto Investment Strategy

Executive Summary This research paper analyses the performance of a systematic long/short investment strategy applied to a basket of top 14 cryptocurrencies by traded volume. In particular, it shows the superior performance of this strategy on both risk and returns compared to a passive buy-and-hold investment in Bitcoin or a crypto basket, which in contrast […]


Highlights from the Equities Leaders Summit 2018

On December 7, 2018 Bluesky Capital was invited at the Equities Leaders Summit at the Trump National Doral Miami to discuss the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a new tradable asset class from equity investors. The following key takeaways emerged: •     There are still too many risks for institutional investors to enter in the crypto space, […]


Highlights from the Art Decentralized Conference during Miami Art Week 2018

On December 6, 2018 Bluesky Capital was invited at the Art Decentralized conference during the Art week in Miami to discuss the application of blockchain technology, in particular tokenization, to the art industry. The following key takeaways emerged: •     Tokenization has the potential to attract lots of interest in the art industry as an investment […]


Highlights from the Block Plus Summit on Crypto Investment Management

On November 11, 2018 Bluesky Capital was invited at the Block Plus Summit conference, held at the Fordham Business School in New York, to discuss the current state in the crypto investment management industry among leading experts in the space. From the discussion, the following key takeaways emerged: While some institutional investors are starting to […]


Analysis of the Unfunded Status Problem of the US Public Pension System

This research analyses the unfunded status problem in the US public pension system. Based on the results of this analysis, the unfunded status in the public pension fund system is a problem of national importance, that is going to impact negatively US taxpayers and public employees both in an economic and welfare manner if it […]

Pension Funds

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