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Timing an Actively Managed Investment Portfolio: Not a Smart Idea

While investors are looking after the best investment managers, some also actively manage their investments by withdrawing money from the fund when markets decline and reenter when markets rally. In this report, we simulated different scenarios where investors actively manage their investment and calculated the investment performance accordingly to analyze whether it would bring a […]


Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Financial Assets and Portfolios

This research article analyzes the influences of determinant macroeconomic factors – GDP, GDP Surprise, Inflation, and Inflation Surprise – on asset returns and asset correlations. In particular, we analyze how the previous factors impact the performance of different investment portfolios during various phases of the economic cycle. We found that portfolios that show the highest […]

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How to Gain Higher Risk-Adjusted Returns by Investing in Bitcoin

Investors today are facing many challenges in financial markets. Bitcoin, as one of the new investment assets, received increasing attention. This research paper analyzes the performance of Bitcoin from 2013 until today, with a special focus on its performance during the pandemic. We found that including Bitcoin in a portfolio would reward investors with higher […]


Portfolio Diversification: How to Potentially Gain Better Returns per Unit of Risk

This research article analyzes the impact of portfolio diversification when applied to a portfolio of stocks and bonds. In particular, it shows that by spreading the investment on uncorrelated asset classes an investor may achieve a higher return per unit of risk taken (Sharpe ratio). The article is structured as follows. The first section introduces […]


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